10 May 2012

Chapter 3…Under the Rowan Trees.

Chapter 3 as promised, because we hit $3,000 today on my Kickstarter campaign!! Head there to pre-order and see all the fun. This is the last free chapter that I’ll post online… enjoy! Waaaaiit–make sure you’ve read Chapter 2.  Okay.   ~*~*~*~*~ ~ 3 ~ Under the Rowan Trees     Shard’s wings cramped in […]

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5 May 2012

Chapter Two, A Raven Speaks

Wait! Make sure you’ve read Chapter One!   ~ 2 ~ A Raven Speaks   Shard checked his terror and bowed low, wings splayed.  His mother’s honor, his place in the pride, and his life all depended on his resolve now.  “My lord.”  Your fear is only a wind, his mother once said.  It may […]

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