7 Nov 2014

ASOS Cover Art Reveal

I won’t say much because this third spectacular effort by Jennifer Miller says it all.   I’m pleased to give you . . . the full dust jacket artwork for A Shard of Sun. (click for full view)    

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3 Oct 2014

A Shard of Sun: Chapter 1

  I think I breezily mentioned that when I got 1,000 followers on Twitter, I would post the first chapter to A Shard of Sun.   Well, that happened.   If you haven’t yet read Song of the Summer King and Skyfire, I do not recommend reading this due to spoilers.     Otherwise, read […]

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7 Aug 2014

I, Humpty Kickstarter

And other goodness!   Firstly, I want to give a ‘final days’ shout out to a friend and fellow author, Eric Wilder of the Grimm Report. He’s been an excellent member of the Gryfon Pride for some time, and is a wonderful community player in the writing world online. He’s also darn funny, and is […]

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29 Jul 2014

Fangs & Fonts & Things

Hello friends!   It’s been quiet over here because we’re busy busy…writing, working, trying to get outside while it’s summer.   I have a couple of fun tidbits: I recently hosted a pack of podcasters who call themselves Fangs & Fonts. They did a two part interview with me about self publishing, and writing YA. […]

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18 Jun 2014

3,000 Tweets Teaser

So I said when I made my 3,000th Tweet I would post a Book 3 teaser.  I have trouble packing suspense into a tweet without context, so, without further adieu, here is a mini moment from my Work-in-Progress… AKA Summer King Chronicles, Book 3:   SPOILER alerts if you have not read Song of the […]

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5 Jun 2014

Skyfire Wins Ursa Major Award!

Hello friends! I’m so thrilled to announce that Skyfire won the 2013 Ursa Major Award for ‘Best Anthropomorphic Novel!’  This is a huge nod from the furry community, who I feel are some folks who can truly appreciate the world of the Summer King books. Thank you so much to everyone who voted. This is […]

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9 May 2014

The Word in the Wind

  In other words, the news! Next Monday I’ll be participating in a blog tour, discussing my writing process as well as pointing you toward some other excellent authors who may be of interest to you.   Paperbacks, yes paperbacks of both SOTSK and SKYFIRE are coming down the chute, so if you don’t want […]

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16 Mar 2014

Ursa Major Awards

Skyfire has officially made it to the voting round and is up for an Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Novel of 2013! If you’d like to see us win, cast your vote here: http://www.ursamajorawards.org/voting2013/ If you want to know what the heck the Ursa Major Awards are, here is the mission from their website: […]

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10 Mar 2014

Update on Kickstarter & Books

For my Kickstarter Backers: I’ve gotten a good main portion of the Kickstarter books shipped out. This weekend, I had to send my brain on vacation. I know everyone is still waiting patiently for their books and knowing that I have boxes of them sitting in the office is probably maddening. Actually . . . […]

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5 Feb 2014

And the Winner Is…

I recently posted a poll in several locations asking fans (that’s you, I hope what subject matter you’d be interested in for the Bonus Short Story I’m planning to write. The story is a Stretch Reward for the 2013 Kickstarter Campaign that funded Skyfire. I got a lot of wonderful responses (including, ‘someone new–EXPAND THE […]

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