31 Aug 2012

The Number One Key to Selling Books

In all the excitement and bustle of indie publishing and traditional publishing and blog tours and Likes and Tweets and Tumbles Reddits and Pins and pics and promotion oh my … we musn’t forget the first and most important element that will always, always sell books.  And I’m pretty sure I know what it is.Skeptics […]

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28 Aug 2012

The Importance of a Day Job

I know I read an article on the importance of writers keeping a day job, once.  Or maybe it was in one of the many how-to books in my vast writing library. Either way, apparently it’s important, and I agree for a few reasons. The first and most critical is that it keeps pressure off […]

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22 Aug 2012

Author Interview!

Check it out An awesome new friend found the book, liked it, reviewed it and wanted an interview!   Read it here.

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11 Aug 2012

Great Reviews!

This just in!! Fantasy Gazette calls SONG OF THE SUMMER KING  archetypal, epic and magical. Directly from the reviewer: I recommend Song of the Summer King to middle graders and up and to anyone who is looking for an enthralling animal story that will transport them into another world.   Awesome! For those who like […]

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4 Aug 2012

There’s No Wrong Path

I’m so lucky to be surrounded by a writing community of all ages, experience and skill levels, and points of view. I’ve gotten lots of advice and encouragement about the marketing, selling and promotion of SOTSK, as well as lots of free help and PR from writing friends. It will be so fascinating to watch […]

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